"It is not that the meaning cannot be explained. But there are certain meanings that are lost forever the moment they are explained in words."

Haruki Murakami, from 1Q84, translated by Philip Gabriel (via hiddenshores)

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If the mean people in our lives were crappy 100% of the time, it would be easy to leave them. We would shrink from becoming friends with them or jump aboard the nope rocket in the early stages of trouble, and we would feel only relief when they are gone from our lives.

The problem is that very few people are evil all the time. They don’t wear villain costumes purchased at ForeverEvil. They don’t laugh maniacally and stroke their evil goatees while monologuing about their evil plans. They appear in our lives as People-Who-Would-Be-Awesome-Except-For-That-One-Glaring-Problem. They have potential to be awesome, and sometimes they are awesome, and they make us feel awesome, so we relax and let out that breath we’ve been holding in, and then BAM! They show their mean side, and we do a ton of mental work trying to reconcile the mean stuff with the awesome stuff.

Breaking up brings relief, as you lose the constant mental labor of managing the relationship AND the stress of being constantly disappointed and hurt, but it also brings grief. Shitty people who forget your birthday and give little backhanded compliments and gossip about your secrets sometimes give really good hugs, or presents, are your favorite people to get drunk and watch figure-skating with, or were the sole witness to an important time in your life. The good times were real.


Captain Awkward

I cannot express how much of a lightbulb moment it was when I realized people did not have to be unilaterally awful in order for you not to want to be in a relationship with them.

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"It is easy to be strong in the storm,
Easy to live the warrior’s life.
But to sit alone in silence, nursing one’s grief,
Performing dull and humble tasks, is harder.
I am afraid to remember, yet I cannot forget."

Henrik Ibsen, Brand [transl. Michael Meyer] (via injusticeworth)

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"why is it always the woman who has to see past the beast in the man? why does she always have to clean his wounds, even after he has damaged her beyond repair? why is it always the man who is worthy of forgiveness for being a monster?
I want to see the beast in the beauty.
the half smile, half snarl. the unapologetic anger. I would like to see the man forgive the monster. to see her, blood and all, and love her anyway."

beauty and the beast | Caitlyn S. (via alonesomes)

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literategirl said: What does love mean to you?


Infinite patience. 

Funny how where you are in life changes how you read things. This is a shade of truth that appeals to me. 

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We Were Emergencies

from Gentleman Practice

We can stick anything into the fog
and make it look like a ghost
but tonight
let us not become tragedies.
We are not funeral homes
with propane tanks in our windows,
lookin’ like cemeteries.
Cemeteries are just the Earth’s way of not letting go.
Let go.

let’s turn our silly wrists so far backwards
the razor blades in our pencil tips
can’t get a good angle on all that beauty inside.
Step into this
with your airplane parts.
Move forward
and repeat after me with your heart:

“I no longer need you to fuck me as hard as I hated myself.”

Make love to me
like you know I am better
than the worst thing I ever did.
Go slow.
I’m new to this.
But I have seen nearly every city from a rooftop
without jumping.
I have realized

that the moon
did not have to be full for us to love it,
that we are not tragedies
stranded here beneath it,
that if my heart
really broke
every time I fell from love
I’d be able to offer you confetti by now.

But hearts don’t break,
they bruise and get better.
We were never tragedies.
We were emergencies.
You call 9 – 1 – 1.
Tell them I’m having a fantastic time.

-Buddy Wakefield

I have made a new letterpress print. You can order it here: http://www.tomgauld.com/index.php?/shop/tough-times-print/
this resonates with me rather strongly


I have made a new letterpress print.
You can order it here:

this resonates with me rather strongly

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